1: You are expected to wash your hands regularly, and you must wash both the front and back up to your elbow.

2: It’s very important that you use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol as often as possible when water is not available, because the Virus can’t stand Alcohol.

3: if you’re a bust meat(s) lover, then it’s time to find another passion or food you’ll love to eat again. The main carrier of this virus are bush meats. So the Health world had already laid out advices on how to avoid virus, and that is: Do NOT eat any kind of wild game or bush meat, and the ones you should avoid particularly bats, monkeys, gorillas, forest antelope and porcupines.

4: It’s also advisable that you stop eating meat, so please watch where you eat and don’t eat meat unless you’re sure of the source and you know the animal was not sick before it was prepared for your consumption.

5: Whatever animal products you consume should be wash rigorously and cooked thoroughly.

6: If you love sharing things with your strangers, then put a stop to it. You should avoid sharing clothes with strangers.

7: Watch out for symptoms of Ebola around your neighbourhood, and report anyone who is showing signs of the ebola virus symptoms.

8: One of the best way to avoid this, is to try your very best to avoid areas where an outbreak has been reported before.

9: Like i said in tip Number #7, You can try and put this Ebola virus under check, by reporting any unauthorized movement of corpses in your area especially those brought in from abroad.

10: The mistake most people do, is touching a confirmed Ebola virus victim, please and please! DON’T touch or go near anyone who has been confirmed to have the Ebola virus and if you absolutely must go near them, then ensure that you wear a protective gear.

You can also arm yourself with adequate information about Ebola and avoid spreading false rumors and facts about this virus, which will certainly cause fear and panic. One thing for sure, is that Information remains the key and knowledge is power.